Build your own gun:
It is exciting, fun and a challenge to create your own gun. A gun that will meet all your requirements, wishes and that through many years will give you a maximum benefit and satisfaction in practicing your shooting and during your hunting.
Before you begin to specify which parts that your gun should consist of, you should think about which needs you want your gun to fulfill.
Examples of questions:
Are you going to use the gun for both hunting and target shooting?
What kind of hunting, shooting do you enjoy the most?
Should the gun be built on a action I have?
Should the gun to be single-shot or with a magazine? A gun with a action for single shots are stiffer and will therefore provide better accuracy.
Are you planning to load your own ammunition or to buy factory loaded, if you want to be able to buy a box when you need to?
Once you have answered the above and added your own questions, you can begin to specify:
The first question that comes up is what caliber should I choose?
Should you want to buy ammunition for practicing at a reasonable cost, there really is “only” three calibers to choose from: 6,5×55 (Swedish), Win 308, and 30-06, theese calibers should absolutely not be underestimated, it is very useful calibers . I have personally hunted with 308 and 30-06 for many years.
Have you intended to load your own ammunition, then it is in principle free to choose the caliber based on your answers to the questions. Very fine calibers are 6 mm (class 2), PPC, Norma BR, 243 win and Norma XC, if you have chosen that your gun to should have a magazine, then you should choose the 243 win or Norma XC because calibers with a small cartridge might give you feeding problems. In Class 1, there is caliber 6.5-284 (about 100 m right output speed than 6,5×55), 708 Rem, 7mm. Rem Mag, 308 Win, 30-06 and 300 Win Mag, there are many more, just let your imagination decide.
Barrel and action are the main components of a gun and here you should not be cheap. A precision action is recommended, an action that is made according to the principles for bench shooting. It guarantees quality, tolerances and ensures that the barrel gets the best possible support and alignment.
You should choose the biggest barrel as possible in quality “match grade”, “Big Is Best”, eg a barrel that is suitable for most types of hunting is contour # 4 (US) # 1400-28 “(Lothar Walther), it means a barrel in caliber .30 L: 68 cm (27”) weighs approximately 1.6 kg.
The stock is very important for the perfect shot, and here there are a lot of brands to choose from. What you should have in mind is when you choose a wooden stock or certain composite stocks, then you should be prepared add a “pillar bedding” which costs from SEK 2600. A pillar bedding is a “must” for such a stock. There is today a lot of stocks that comes with a aluminum bedding by default, which will save you for the pillar bedding.
When it comes to the selection of a trigger, then Jewell is an “obvious” choice if you have the Remington foot print on your action, but there are several others to choose from, and normally to a lower price. You are very welcome to contact me with questions about custom build, I prefer if you contact me by email, but you are also welcome to call me.