The company is located in Sågmyra, north of Falun in Dalarna. I, Thöger Olesen was raised in Copenhagen and I'm educated as a precision engineer and toolmaker (journeyman) at the University of Copenhagen, moreover, I have studied as mechanical engineer at the University of Kristianstad.
I have for several years worked as a precision engineer and toolmaker, in recent years I have worked as a manager within technology and production.
I've been hunting for many years, and hunting / nature has always fascinated me and I try to be as much as I can in the forest. "There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes", so if I'm off, it's hunting and the forest that counts.
I like all types of hunting, but if I should mention some favorites they are moose hunting, wood grouse hunting, hare hunting with hound, fox calling and beaver hunting.
Guns has always been of great interest and it really took off some years ago when I got to know a guy who was benchrest shooting and I saw the difference in how you experience the quality, performance, and what is possible with a gun.
Since then I have spent many hours at the shooting ranges, tested different powder, bullets and seating depth to find the optimal target group. One can get pretty far with it a standard gun, and if you're lucky, and has manufacturing tolerances on your side, it can be really good. My experience is though if you want to take the plunge, be sure and know that the target group should be "hole in hole" it's a custom build rifle you need, a rifle that is build according to the benchrest shooting principles and quality. You should also see a custom build rifle as an investment, a rifle that will pleasure you many years ahead and a rifle that is "worthwhile" to develop and adapt to your needs.